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Look below to find some common questions regarding physical therapy and our other offered services.  Have another question?  Please feel free to contact us, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

  • What services are covered by my insurance?
    Physical therapy services are generally covered by medical insurance as long as the provider is credentialed with the insurance carrier (see below for which carriers we participate with). Other services that we provide, including dry needling and performance training, are strictly cash pay. Keep in mind that specific coverage details vary by insurance, so it is recommended that you contact your insurance provider to inquire about your PT coverage.
  • What insurance carriers do you accept?
    We are currently in-network with most major insurance carriers including BCBSM, Priority Health, and Medicare We are also in the process of working with additional carriers. Keep an eye on the home page for updates on this process. If we do not participate with your insurance carrier, we offer physical therapy services at cash-pay rates as well. If you have any concerns over whether your insurance is accepted in our clinic, please contact us.
  • Do I need a referral to be seen?
    According to Michigan law, a referral is needed for physical therapy services. However, most commercial insurances (BCBS and Priority) allow for Direct Access, meaning you can be seen for 10 visits or 21 days without a referral. This only applies to PT services at this clinic. Other services, such as sports performance training, do not require a referral.
  • How long are appointments?
    Typical physical therapy appointments will last around 45-60 minutes. Dry needling sessions are generally 30 minutes in length. The duration of training sessions may vary based on the goals or needs of the client.
  • What should I wear to appointments?
    We generally recommend clothing you are comfortable moving in as most sessions will involve some exercise component. Dry needling requires access to the skin, so dress accordingly based on which part of the body is involved.
  • What can I expect from my first appointment?
    Your initial evaluation will include intake paperwork (some of which may be filled out online), history taking, and a physical exam of musculoskeletal and neurological systems as indicated by the body region being treated. Baseline measures may be taken for goal-setting purposes for therapy and training programs.
  • Where is the clinic located?
    One Up PT and Performance is located within the Allegan City Hall building at 231 Trowbridge St. in Unit 2. This unit is also home to Saunders Chiropractic clinic, which offers both chiropractic and massage therapy services. Parking is available behind the building with access off of both Trowbridge and Hubbard.
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